Friday, May 27, 2016


i haven't been on here for AGES.

not much free time and life just gets in the way sometimes.

it has been a rough go the last little while and there have been so many downs that this is just exactly what the dr ordered... UP!!!


so much happiness

i have wanted two things since childhood... a horse, and a trampoline.
one down one to go

big thanks to fernando for kijiji shopping for the best late mother's day present EVER.

sadly GRANDPA is a big party pooper and made me put the net up. slightly less awesome jumping in a cage but since it is in their yard i will have to go along with it. for now ;)

Friday, November 13, 2015

growing up

My baby is not a baby any more... this is so true.

i need to enjoy ALL the moments.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It is a September miracle!!

i love all things yarny
is that a word? i don't know.
in my world it is.

i have a weird love for hand knit socks.

may have something to do with the fact that i'm always cold, but the fact is between socks and mittens i cannot stop gazing dreamily at them wishing i had millions of dollars to buy socks and mittens and finance my goal of becoming a gift wrapper.
a gift wrapper.
i also love wrapping presents.
if i won the lottery i would become a gift wrapper.

but back to the miracle.

i am a pretty great crocheter.
knitting i can do simple things and had never successfully completed anything following a pattern.
i have tried and tried and eventually i get frustrated and give up.
years of this.


A  SOCK!!!!

it is plain and simple but I DID IT!!!!

sock 2 is still waiting to be made so we will see if i successfully make a PAIR of socks but even if that doesn't happen i may frame this one!

Friday, September 18, 2015

break is over.... back in business!

i took a break from this blog over the summer because with the hectic schedule of our lives and all the ups and downs trying to deal with crazy schedule changes i just knew that it would one more thing that i had to worry about.


coming into fall and my busy season with kabukikreations i thought i would pop back on here and see about making time to blog again because i missed it!

not sure if i will be posting as often as i used to but i will be trying my best to get in at least a couple posts a week!

first big market coming up shortly and it is an exciting one! hope to see lots of you there!

and for anyone needing the address it is 10242 106 Street NW

Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's been a while.

Well I've decided to jump back into this blog because I miss it! 

Today is a pretty gloomy day. 
streetlights on during the day gloomy. 

Paired with a frustrating trip to ikea (for the second time) which will require yet another trip tomorrow I wanted something yummy and baked in the oven with cheese. 

Call me old fashioned but first thing that comes to mind is casserole. Some sort of ooey gooey cheese topped mish mash of food. 

I had zero motivation to make a trip to the grocery store so I knew my ingredients were limited to whatever I had in the house. 

Well, tomorrow is grocery day so I was scrounging. Plus Fernando is heading off to band shortly so I also didn't have a ton of time to get it done in time for early dinner. 

What did we end up with? 

Hash brown casserole! 


We tackled almost half of it. 

The glory of casseroles is that even some of the weirdest ingredients work so well. 

This lovely specimen of casserole aka "hot dish" was a combo of hash browns, creamed corn, butter, salt, pepper, garlic and of course cheese on top. 

I was skeptical of the creamed corn and garlic but I decided to go for it and it was awesome!! 
And gluten free!

So yay for only having to make one instead of a gf version and a normal version! 

Bonus points for now having leftovers for during the week too. 
I think I may be on a casserole kick for a while now. 

What's your favorite casserole? 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ridiculous rhubarb

It's HUGE! 

For the middle of may I think this may be a record growth even for my rhubarb which thrives on extreme neglect. 

Looks like time for rhubarb muffins and cake!! YUM

Friday, May 1, 2015

change is in the air...

the last little while has been quite a lot to deal with.

i haven't felt much like keeping up with this blog with everything going on but i'm hoping to get back to it.

lots of stress, not enough time... you know, the fun stuff.

one of the things that has been constantly on my mind and really hard for me has been Baxter's health.
he has been diagnosed with cushings disease and thankfully he seems to responding well to treatment but he's not quite where the vet would like so there's still some adjusting to do with his medication. She is optimistic and pleased with his results so far but it is really hard knowing that he's not ok just yet.
I am hoping for the best but it is hard watching him get old and this has been a pretty dramatic and fast decline so i'm hoping he rebounds ok.

so send my poor old man pup some good healing vibes and cross your fingers for us :)

the rest of the stuff... well its still a work in progress... maybe i'll post about that another day.