Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it is just that time of year...

everything seems to move in fast forward this time of year... i know i will sit back next week when things start to slow down a bit and look back at the last few weeks of chaos and smile. no matter how busy and stressful it is i know its almost time to put this year to sleep and welcome a new year with new adventures.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm back and I'm FREEZING!

one week vacation and what do i come back to? record breaking cold weather. i feel like i'm being punished for leaving! this ALWAYS happens! i generally only go on one vacation a year and every single time it is a brutal cold snap when i return. this year takes the cake though!

the up side of this brutal winter weather is the beauty of looking outside at a crystalized winter wonderland. even knowing how bitterly cold it was outside i couldn't help myself but go out in it. i don't know if i'm crazy but it totally puts me into christmas mode! i went and bought some supplies to make a new christmas wreath since the one i've been using turned into a year round wreath and is looking a little worse for the wear... it was time for a replacement. just walking into the craft store listening to the christmas carols playing and smelling the cinnamon and spicy christmas scents had me ready to buy half the store! i think i am more excited about christmas this year than i have been for a long time... and its all because i was so freezing cold and it was so wintery outside i just couldn't help but think warm christmasy things!

This year i tried to make everyone something for christmas and i've managed to figure out something for almost everyone on my list but there will always be a few difficult to gift people... still working on those guys! time is running low for christmas shopping but i'm almost done and next comes wrapping... the best part ever! i know most people think i'm crazy but if i won the lottery and didn't have to work to pay the bills i think i would find a job as a present wrapper and i would be SO excited!

Christmas 1 of 3 is on friday so i will have to get about half of our stuff ready for then... maybe wrapping tonight! yay!