Monday, September 28, 2009

it was a-MAZE-ing!

Last week I decided to plan a surprise date for Fernando and go somewhere fun and do something that we'd never done before. after a bit of thinking i came up with the idea to go to the edmonton corn maze.
saturday night was the planned date time.... i wanted to go when it was starting to get dark but by the middle of the afternoon the wind was picking up and the clouds started rolling in and i made the decision to go earlier and hopefully make it there and through the maze before it started raining!
we got all bundled up and ready to face the adventure... fernando still had no idea where we were going but he was curious and excited anyways.
once we got there he was really excited and so was i... neither of us had ever gone to a corn maze. it doesn't look like much when you first get there. just a big field. nothing exciting... then you take your little trivia sheets to tell you where to turn at the check points and head in to the maze. you really don't know what direction you're facing after the first few turns! we figured out where we were going eventually... not always on our first try and we ended up a little dusty but it was such a fun way to spend a couple hours.
it was so much fun that we decided that we should go on little adventures like that more often. i can't wait... next time is fernando's turn for a surprise adventure!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


as much as i LOVE long weekends, dealing with the fallout of missing the first day of the work week sometimes makes me wonder if it is really worth it.
the other problem is that for the rest of the week i will not know what day it is. i will continue to think today is monday... tomorrow is tuesday... and so on. i usually catch myself right away, but sometimes its just really bad! this looks like its going to be one of those weeks.
today is the first day of tap class and i can guarantee that if i had not set a reminder on my phone and computer that i would probably have missed classed and realized tomorrow that i didn't know what day it actually was. i may be slowly going crazy.

right now i'm in the middle of trying to get a lot of work done at home too. i'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with the "crafty" side of things. i have so many projects started right now that its actually getting really overwhelming and i am now trying to get all caught up so its at least manageable. i'm always looking for new things to try and here is something that i had some fun with.

i'm in love with ruffles right now! they're fun and i want to put them on EVERYTHING!

time to get back to work now...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

well... this is something new for me but i'm going to give it a try.
i've somehow managed to create a new account without realizing that at some point i already had an account so now i have 2 and i have NO idea how to get rid of the old one since i cant seem to sign into it. though i am following 2 people with it. OOPS!
this is something that i hope will be fun... and maybe entertaining for those who stumble across my blog and read it. anyone that knows me knows that i could talk FOREVER about ANYTHING... so who knows what's going to end up on here!
its time for me to get some work done tonight before bed. YAY for long weekends! Having an extra day to work on the ever growing to do list is great!