Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another not so winning day...

i'm really struggling with winners these days...

shiny silver jogging shorts? why? they weren't my size or i may have had to try them on just because i'm sure they'd be even worse on a person than the hanger.

and BAM.
for those of you that prefer gold to silver... you're taken care of.
these maybe could be ok if the right outfit happened... but i kind of despise gold for the most part so definitely not for me!

this. see through awful static crazy material paired with super scratchy non-matching lace that i cringe just thinking about rubbing on my legs as i walk. WHY? they are not only questionable looking but potentially dangerous! OUCH.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Yes. Yes I'm crazy.

ok. my phone is packed to the gills with photos. 
like over 12,000 photos.

but in the process of going through and deleting some so i can make room for my phone to be updated i found this gem from before christmas. 


best matching wrapping paper seam EVER.