Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it is just that time of year...

everything seems to move in fast forward this time of year... i know i will sit back next week when things start to slow down a bit and look back at the last few weeks of chaos and smile. no matter how busy and stressful it is i know its almost time to put this year to sleep and welcome a new year with new adventures.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm back and I'm FREEZING!

one week vacation and what do i come back to? record breaking cold weather. i feel like i'm being punished for leaving! this ALWAYS happens! i generally only go on one vacation a year and every single time it is a brutal cold snap when i return. this year takes the cake though!

the up side of this brutal winter weather is the beauty of looking outside at a crystalized winter wonderland. even knowing how bitterly cold it was outside i couldn't help myself but go out in it. i don't know if i'm crazy but it totally puts me into christmas mode! i went and bought some supplies to make a new christmas wreath since the one i've been using turned into a year round wreath and is looking a little worse for the wear... it was time for a replacement. just walking into the craft store listening to the christmas carols playing and smelling the cinnamon and spicy christmas scents had me ready to buy half the store! i think i am more excited about christmas this year than i have been for a long time... and its all because i was so freezing cold and it was so wintery outside i just couldn't help but think warm christmasy things!

This year i tried to make everyone something for christmas and i've managed to figure out something for almost everyone on my list but there will always be a few difficult to gift people... still working on those guys! time is running low for christmas shopping but i'm almost done and next comes wrapping... the best part ever! i know most people think i'm crazy but if i won the lottery and didn't have to work to pay the bills i think i would find a job as a present wrapper and i would be SO excited!

Christmas 1 of 3 is on friday so i will have to get about half of our stuff ready for then... maybe wrapping tonight! yay!


Monday, November 23, 2009

a few things i found this weekend...

this necklace intrigues me. i thought i would share it.
another etsy find.
Click here for JujuBySarah's Etsy store

kind of fell in love with this collar... always thinking of my dogs!
found this one using pounce on Etsy... never know what i'll find when i hit that button.

and last but not lease...

I found this cute blog that i though i would share...
and a free pattern!
this makes it twice as good!

and since i said i found a few things thats all for now!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

another fun thing to try...

I found this little treasure trove of different fabric flowers... So versatile... whether you want a pin, a hair flower, or a nice little touch added to a wrapped present!
and these little guys are great for using up some of the fabric scraps i can't seem to get rid of.
i knew they would come in handy!


there will definitely be some of these great little flowers tucked in with this year's christmas presents!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

you could be the lucky winner!

I have decided that my blog's first 20 followers will be entered to win a custom prize package.
thats right. depending on who wins it, the prize will be suitable to the lucky recipient.
so what are you waiting for... it could be you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

great gift idea!

I know i'm going to be trying this one out... probably as a present for myself... but i love that you can use scraps and give new life to something that other people would have probably just thrown in the garbage.  fabric scraps get ready for a new lives as flowers!


happy crafting!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's been a while...

so far this october has been HECTIC! It's a never ending battle to fit just one more thing into each day and its hard to take time to do those little things you take for granted when you are not so busy. I'm already counting down the days until our yearly vacation so i can relax with Fernando and enjoy a week of not having to be anywhere at any time or do anything unless i want to!

i am late in starting my christmas campaign for KABUKIKREATIONS but i do have a ton of great new projects that will be perfect christmas presents.
I will be posting new items on Etsy within the next week.
check them out! http://www.kabukikreations.etsy.com/

this week will be all about finishing Halloween costumes then craft time here i come!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

octobrrrrrrrrr... its official.

First frost of the fall.... not something i enjoyed too much!
of course... today of all days the battery in my car starter is dead. not that i really needed to start my car from the house but i would have really liked to! i have a hard time adjusting to the first few colder mornings. One positive thing though... i've been having problems with my car starting the last couple weeks but thankfully yesterday with trip number 4 to get it fixed it is now starting whenever i want it to rather than whenever it feels like it. the little cold snap was the perfect test.

October is already looking like it will be a busy month. busy at work, busy at home, busy crafting and creating... busy all around!
I'm already getting geared up for christmas. this year i am not going to be scambling last minute for presents! making lists, shopping... more lists... more shopping... i aim to be done by mid november so i have lots of time to help my mom with her christmas baking.

Another big thing on my October "to-do" list is to get all my new stuff up on etsy... christmas shopping is starting already! i've been on a mad crocheting mission and have lots of warm cozy scarves and some new bracelets and hair accessories that are just waiting for pictures so i can post them on etsy.

happy october!

Monday, September 28, 2009

it was a-MAZE-ing!

Last week I decided to plan a surprise date for Fernando and go somewhere fun and do something that we'd never done before. after a bit of thinking i came up with the idea to go to the edmonton corn maze.
saturday night was the planned date time.... i wanted to go when it was starting to get dark but by the middle of the afternoon the wind was picking up and the clouds started rolling in and i made the decision to go earlier and hopefully make it there and through the maze before it started raining!
we got all bundled up and ready to face the adventure... fernando still had no idea where we were going but he was curious and excited anyways.
once we got there he was really excited and so was i... neither of us had ever gone to a corn maze. it doesn't look like much when you first get there. just a big field. nothing exciting... then you take your little trivia sheets to tell you where to turn at the check points and head in to the maze. you really don't know what direction you're facing after the first few turns! we figured out where we were going eventually... not always on our first try and we ended up a little dusty but it was such a fun way to spend a couple hours.
it was so much fun that we decided that we should go on little adventures like that more often. i can't wait... next time is fernando's turn for a surprise adventure!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


as much as i LOVE long weekends, dealing with the fallout of missing the first day of the work week sometimes makes me wonder if it is really worth it.
the other problem is that for the rest of the week i will not know what day it is. i will continue to think today is monday... tomorrow is tuesday... and so on. i usually catch myself right away, but sometimes its just really bad! this looks like its going to be one of those weeks.
today is the first day of tap class and i can guarantee that if i had not set a reminder on my phone and computer that i would probably have missed classed and realized tomorrow that i didn't know what day it actually was. i may be slowly going crazy.

right now i'm in the middle of trying to get a lot of work done at home too. i'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with the "crafty" side of things. i have so many projects started right now that its actually getting really overwhelming and i am now trying to get all caught up so its at least manageable. i'm always looking for new things to try and here is something that i had some fun with.


i'm in love with ruffles right now! they're fun and i want to put them on EVERYTHING!

time to get back to work now...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

well... this is something new for me but i'm going to give it a try.
i've somehow managed to create a new account without realizing that at some point i already had an account so now i have 2 and i have NO idea how to get rid of the old one since i cant seem to sign into it. though i am following 2 people with it. OOPS!
this is something that i hope will be fun... and maybe entertaining for those who stumble across my blog and read it. anyone that knows me knows that i could talk FOREVER about ANYTHING... so who knows what's going to end up on here!
its time for me to get some work done tonight before bed. YAY for long weekends! Having an extra day to work on the ever growing to do list is great!