Monday, July 23, 2012

Things I miss... Just a little.

Disposable income.
I wouldn't want to be at work and missing out on spending all my days with Hugo, but I sometimes really wish I could just buy something without having to crunch numbers to see if I have enough money.
Then there are the things that I wish I had just bought before I finished work... It wouldn't have phased me to buy this lovely ring... Now I either have to sell a lot of toques or just accept that by the time I actually save up the money the ring probably won't even be available.

Monday, July 16, 2012

happy 9 months hugo!

hugo wouldn't leave his little sign alone, or sit still! lots of blurry pictures today!

so much has changed in 9 months... its incredible.
hugo is getting to have such a little personality these days... so fun to watch him develop that.

hugo says mama and mom,
sometimes dada,
moves around a bit (but not fully mobile yet),
loves eating,
getting better at feeding himself,
loves playing on the floor,
will chatter non stop,
loves the cats and dogs,
ready to switch to his big boy car seat,
poses for my iphone

i can't believe how much my life has changed over the past 9 months. all for the better.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

mama for the win!

hugo says mama and mom!! first word is mama.... melts my heart.
that is all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

heat wave!

i have to say that this weather could simmer down now ANYTIME! i have always loved tempuratures in the 30s... not so much any more. even when i was pregnant with hugo i donned a sundress and soaked it up.
now i have a baby who is a little furnace just like his daddy. he does not enjoy this weather much AT ALL!
the one thing hugo loves about the warm weather is pool time

i think daddy might have loved it just as much...

another thing that i can't believe.... i went and bought an air conditioner for the upstairs today. i never wanted one, but with hugo just cooking all the time i decided that even though i was perfectly happy without it, i needed to get one to keep him comfortable. now i will be bundling up for bed i guess.
as long as my boys are happy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

yum yum

hugo has pretty simple tastes... nothing fancy so far, but it makes me feel like i'm still cooking something! he keeps me busy enough that i don't have as much time for baking and cooking as i would like but that will change over time. he won't want me lugging him around forever so i'm just going to go with it while it lasts!

his favorites are.... pretty much anything!

  • chicken. he loves chicken, but thighs only no breasts for this kid. even if i mix them in with sweet potato or something he really likes its still a no-go. only boobs he likes are mine. ha!
  • he loves whole green beans to munch on... pureed are a guaranteed fail.
  • watermelon. cut it into little sticks and he will squeeze it until the juice is running down his arms and shove it in his mouth as fast as possible.
  • cantelope and honeydew... same thing little sticks and there is no stopping him.
  • peas. LOVES peas pureed.
  • blueberries. he ends up looking like a blueberry but he loves them
  • apples and pears. with greek yogurt. and cinnamon.
  • tofu. hippy in training.
  • roast beef as of yesterday. he hated it up until last night and then he just gobbled it down mixed with some mashed potatoes and a bit of yam.
  • nectarines and peaches as long as they're ripe are fair game.
  • oatmeal
  • bananas with or without yogurt... but they have to be super ripe or he wants nothing to do with them (i think he gets that from me because i won't eat them until they're getting brown spots).
  • marble cheese, dill havarti, swiss, cheddar, and mozzarella all were big hits... loves eating them himself too.
  • asparagus was popular... made for super stinky diapers though!
  • parsnips were a hit... though only pureed. mashed wasn't good enough.
there are a few things that i've tried that he doesn't get excited for... butternut and accorn squash are on that list. he'll eat them but doesn't love them.  he will eat rice, but mostly just liked playing with it... he liked it better with cilantro cooked in it though so it seems like he's inherited the cilantro loving genes from mommy & daddy.
he seems to have decided that carrots are no longer cool... he used to like them but lately not so much.

fernando let him taste ice cream cake and he definitely liked that. not that he'll be getting that again any time soon, but he sure was excited.

i have beets to cook for him to try this week... we'll see how that goes... not looking forward to those diapers!

funny thing is that i find myself eating the same things he is just because if i take the time to cook stuff for him i don't have time to cook something separate for myself so i just make myself the same stuff he's eating half the time. it has made for some interesting dinners.