Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh how things have changed...

Another thing I've noticed...
I can count on my fingers how many times I've worn a real bra since Hugo was born. The nursing bras I bought don't fit any more because I bought them to fit the supersized version of my boobs that happened while I was pregnant. Not only have my boobs shrunk down to normal size, I think they might actually be smaller than before.

Now I live in these... So comfy. And since I live in tank tops I just switch up between racer back and normal straps.
Oh the excitement.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

tasty tuesday - banana bread oatmeal

i have eaten oatmeal nearly every day since hugo was born in an attempt to help keep a good milk supply. i'll be honest, sometimes i get pretty sick of it.
last week i discovered/invented a new "recipe"
it was so good i'm going to share it on here.

super simple and reminds me of banana bread.

for a single portion (its a pretty big portion because i'm trying to keep my pants from falling off these days)
slice half a banana into your oatmeal before you cook it, add a some shredded coconut, a pinch of cinnamon, and i added a tablespoon of chia seeds because i'm told they're good for me. i don't notice them in there so meh, why not?

and the clincher....
sprinkle a few chocolate chips on top and VOILA! oatmeal that tastes like banana bread.

i would have taken a picture but it's nothing special to look at. maybe if i remember next time i'll take a picture and add it to this post. probably won't though... so just use your imagination.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy fathers day! from hugo

happy first father's day!

thank you for being robo-fezz to entertain me and vacuuming me to sleep when you're home so i get my rest.

thank you for wiping my face like its a game and trying so hard to get my food in my mouth instead of all over my face.

thank you for buying me cool stuff and looking out for me.

thank you for singing me songs that make me smile and dancing like a crazy person with me.

thank you for having super fun baths with me and splashing and playing.

thank you for napping on the couch with me when i refuse to nap on my own.

i may not be able to say it yet but i love you and you're the very best daddy i could ask for.

Friday, June 15, 2012

happy 8 months hugo!

8 months!
holy crap.

has 8 months really gone by?


a few new things in the world of hugo...

hugo LOVES being outside. LOVES.
 he absolutely loves his DADDY too! (this line is courtesy of daddy)

hugo has decided that bedtime is not satisfactory and has fought sleep the last little while.
he puts up a good fight.

hugo loves sweet potatoes, has gotten tired of avocados, not a huge fan of carrots, hates green beans, loves peas, loves asparagus, loves chicken, not a huge fan of fish, loves feeding himself watermelon and cantelope.

he makes the most adorable baby wookie noise and it completely melts my heart (and daddy`s too)
started shaking his head ``NO``
hugo makes mama, dada, and other random noises... but so far i think its just random babbling and he doesn`t associate any meaning to them.

hugo loves playing with chico (our siamese) and almost every morning spends a good half hour straight mauling him. chico comes and cuddles up to hugo`s feet while i`m nursing him.

it amazes me how much he`s grown and changed already. i can`t believe that this time last year he was known as the sea monkey.

Foto Friday.... CD edition #1

This pose belongs on a beach.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

the cloth diaper debate...

i for the most part cloth diaper hugo.

he still wears a disposable at night because i'm not about to start messing with what works... especially when it could potentially mess with his sleep.
i am so glad i decided to give it another chance after problems at the beginning with him being too small for the diapers.
i LOVE how adorable the cloth diapers are and it is amazing how much money i save just from not buying box after box of disposable diapers.

i'm actually a little sad when i pick him up in a disposable diaper and his bum is just so teeny tiny. and the bigger bum means that he can wear bigger pants so they're not as short on him. in disposables he still has to wear 0-3 month pants so they are waaaaay too short. its summer at least... capris? right?

another awesome thing about cloth diapers? did i mention... they are so flippin cute!
i think i will have to dedicate a foto friday to cloth diapers.

Monday, June 11, 2012

some people are just assholes.

i generally am all all unicorns and rainbows but some days one too many lame things happen and since hugo doesnt really care about my day... well you are the lucky recipients of this little rant.

my first complaint of the day is that it i have the worst luck with doctors. over the years i have had a terrible time with appointments. getting an appointment, getting to the appointment to be told that the doctor isn't there, my doctor leaving for months at a time, being told that i could not make an appointment unless it was approved by the doctor because i did not come in often enough to keep my status as a regular patient... the list goes on. finally i found a doctor who i could make appointments with and she was really nice. then she moved to calgary. when it was just me i was looking after i would have probably just driven to calgary and kept going to the same doctor. now with hugo needing regular checkups i need a doctor that i can rely on and not have to sit in a waiting room for half a day to see the doctor for 5 minutes. i had one of these terrible doctor office experiences today and it was a terrible way to start the week. note to doctor's office reception staff... if you book someone an appointment after they explain to you that their doctor moved away and now you don't have a doctor, please don't tell them when they are there for the previously booked appointment that they cannot make appointments because they don't have a doctor. waiting for an hour and a half with a nearly 8 month old is not the easiest. especially after being told that the wait would be no more than half an hour and when asked at the one and a half hour mark that there is only one less person ahead of me... i find it highly unlikely that in an hour and a half there was only one patient seen. i could go on for hours about this so i will stop.

second complaint. feel free to laugh at this one. my nails. bad gel... general mess. i don't do much for "me" but my nails are my one luxury. it really bothers me when they look less than great. so when on top of the morning's doctor debacle, the nails really bothered me.

the third strike... after calling my nail guy and him sensing my impending breakdown he told me to come in and get them fixed almost immediately. i've been going to him for years and years and he knows me pretty well and i almost never have any problems with my nails so he wants me happy. back to my complaint though... on my way to my nail appointment i slowed down to let someone into my lane. thought that maybe i'd get a thank you wave or at least some sort of sign of appreciation. nope. well some people don't say thank you. i didn't really dwell on it. on my way home i let someone else go in front of me to avoid being stopped behind an out of commission bus... do they wave or acknowledge it at all? NOPE. my nails were fixed so i just said meh. third strike was the car that tried to race in the lane that was ending and cut off the cars who had waited their turn. now i see this car regularly on the road and i know that they know the lane ends. today their plan backfired and nobody was letting them in. i though well i could let them in and maybe they will wave. NOPE. all they did was tailgate the car in front of them.  WTF happened to the courtesy wave? do people have no courtesy any more? am i old? i don't get it. if someone slows down to let me in i always wave to say thank you. sometimes if i'm not sure if they let me in or there was just enough space to change lanes i still wave... just incase they let me in!

ok. rant over.
the day is almost over....
back to unicorns, sunshine and rainbows tomorrow.

Friday, June 1, 2012

foto friday

i know i said that i was going to get on this blogging thing... oops.
with fernando away for 5 days i didn't really get to it. hopefully now things will get back to normal (whatever normal really is) and i can actually keep up with this thing!

here's a peek of the photoshoot we did last weekend!

and thats enough hugo overload for the day :)