Tuesday, February 26, 2013

time to get crafty...

i am going to be selling at Make It! Edmonton again this spring. no biggie, right? i do lots of craft sales... WRONG! this sale has me all in a dither.
i am selling something completely different than usual.

i am stepping out of my cozy crochet comfort zone and selling my dinosaur planters.
craziness, i know.
i'll still have a few cute little crocheted stuffies available at the show but for the most part it will be all new dino planters and cactus cups.
exciting, yes.
nerve wracking, big yes.

my new dilema... how to best display these guys.

i've got a few ideas, but am not looking to spend a pile on a new display so i will have to figure something out before the big weekend.

anyone have any brilliant ideas?
low budget, funky look, easy to fit in my car?


Thursday, February 7, 2013

a catch up, catch all post...

i haven't done a general update lately so here it is.

hugo is teething. AGAIN.
he was just starting to sleep better and then BAM. eye teeth.
not the worst teeth so far, but who knows how many time they'll be in and out before they are actually out to stay.
Last two teeth broke through and went away 3 times before breaking through for good.

Trying to balance my life is hard.
Either I suck at it or I am going to have to think about things and figure something out. Between Hugo, work, kabuki work, house stuff, and me time/sleep I just don't have enough hours.

Hugo is amazing. I'm amazed every day at how fast he figures things out.

First craft sale of the year this weekend. Hoping it goes well... First sale for me selling planters along side my crocheted stuff.

I think that's enough for now...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So true. About so many things.

Call me old school...
but i think this applies to so many things, not just relationships.