Tuesday, September 8, 2009


as much as i LOVE long weekends, dealing with the fallout of missing the first day of the work week sometimes makes me wonder if it is really worth it.
the other problem is that for the rest of the week i will not know what day it is. i will continue to think today is monday... tomorrow is tuesday... and so on. i usually catch myself right away, but sometimes its just really bad! this looks like its going to be one of those weeks.
today is the first day of tap class and i can guarantee that if i had not set a reminder on my phone and computer that i would probably have missed classed and realized tomorrow that i didn't know what day it actually was. i may be slowly going crazy.

right now i'm in the middle of trying to get a lot of work done at home too. i'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with the "crafty" side of things. i have so many projects started right now that its actually getting really overwhelming and i am now trying to get all caught up so its at least manageable. i'm always looking for new things to try and here is something that i had some fun with.


i'm in love with ruffles right now! they're fun and i want to put them on EVERYTHING!

time to get back to work now...

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