Thursday, October 1, 2009

octobrrrrrrrrr... its official.

First frost of the fall.... not something i enjoyed too much!
of course... today of all days the battery in my car starter is dead. not that i really needed to start my car from the house but i would have really liked to! i have a hard time adjusting to the first few colder mornings. One positive thing though... i've been having problems with my car starting the last couple weeks but thankfully yesterday with trip number 4 to get it fixed it is now starting whenever i want it to rather than whenever it feels like it. the little cold snap was the perfect test.

October is already looking like it will be a busy month. busy at work, busy at home, busy crafting and creating... busy all around!
I'm already getting geared up for christmas. this year i am not going to be scambling last minute for presents! making lists, shopping... more lists... more shopping... i aim to be done by mid november so i have lots of time to help my mom with her christmas baking.

Another big thing on my October "to-do" list is to get all my new stuff up on etsy... christmas shopping is starting already! i've been on a mad crocheting mission and have lots of warm cozy scarves and some new bracelets and hair accessories that are just waiting for pictures so i can post them on etsy.

happy october!

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