Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year... New Goals

I think we all have had our not so successful resolutions but this year I am determined to make mine happen!
most of my friends are pledging to work out, lose weight... that sort of thing. anyone who knows me knows that i have not stepped foot in a gym for YEARS... and that the idea of trying to lose weight is something that i just can't quite grasp as my super speedy metabolism has taken good care of me so far in that department. its not that i'm against exercise... i only dislike pointless exercise done only in the pursuit of weight loss. more specifically the people who complain extensively to anyone who will listen  about how horrible it is and how much they hurt... they wonder why they never stick with their exercise routines... its because they hate it.  i LOVE my tap class every week... its not super intense exercise but it is super fun. to me that matters sooooo much more. i will go to tap class every week because i enjoy it. there are tons of activities that are enjoyable exercise... and yes there are the people that in my mind are a little crazy because they actually LOVE the gym...
well if you can guess.... my goals for the year have nothing to do with exercise or weight loss! LOL!

my goals for the year a based mostly around my etsy store and home based business that i am going to try and really get off the ground this year. i have already made some progress as i got quite a few pieces done over the weekend. now i just have to photograph them and post them in my store. its been over 6 months since i have added new items because i have been so overwhelmed with everything else going on.... especially over christmas. i am really looking forward to the challenge making KABUKIKREATIONS a bigger and better thing!

Happy 2010!!!

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