Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thank you sir, may i have another?

this may have originally referred to some sort of food... but in my world i feel like a sleep beggar. just one more hour, just 10 more min... whatever i'm getting is rarely enough.
what makes it worse? the few good nights that get your expectations up and then BAM! no sleep for you!
hugo is his own little version of the soup nazi from seinfeld... except instead of exclaiming NO SOUP FOR YOU! he yells NO SLEEP FOR YOU!
i do love him more than anything in the world but it has been over a year since i have slept through the night. i feel like a zombie some days. thank god for coffee and food. without constant snacking and my coveted morning latte i think i would perish. (tad dramatic? well too bad... it feels like it!)

i have been staying up later than i would like to many nights but when the sleep nazi fights bedtime and its close to 10pm by the time i finally wrangle/wrestle him to sleep i just then get to start my work for the night. if it is the beginning of the week i have office work, the later part of the week kabukikreations stuff. it literally is always SOMETHING. i have a hard time just sitting and doing nothing to start with but having to work just means that i have less opportunity to actually do nothing. 3 nights a week are mandatory work nights for me and the rest i usually try catching up on things around the house and my crocheting. sounds like fun doesn't it! my life is definitely not one of glamour or leisure! but i guess if it was i'd probably be bored.... right?

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