Friday, March 8, 2013

a few confessions of a sometimes sleep deprived mom

  • i start my day with instant coffee. before hugo that would have made me turn up my nose and say ewww yuck.
  • if i get a shower to myself every 2 weeks i'm pretty excited. otherwise i stumble over toys and dodge hugo.
  • i eat food off the floor. regularly. thanks hugo. i just don't have the heart to say no to the snacks he brings me. its only dry things like cheerios and crackers, but still. not something i pictured myself doing if you'd asked me a year ago.
  • going to the grocery store is now exciting. what used to be a chore has turned into my outing of the week. sad, maybe. do i care? not so much.
  • between hugo, work and kabukikreations stuff i literaly have zero time to do anything. so if i have not had a visit with you for a while, its not because i don't like you... its that sleep wins over hanging out with you. sorry, its nothing personal. sleep wins over pretty much everything.
  • sometimes i catch myself thinking that hugo is still a baby... then i realize he'll be 17 months this month. then i realize my baby is a little boy, not a baby. then i wonder when the hell can i stop counting freakin months?!!?
  • doing my hair mainly consists of a hair clip, a bun, or a flipped through ponytail. if i actually dry and straighten my hair once a month its a miracle.
  • i can't count how many times i have forgotten to shave one of my arm pits. this started when i was pregnant and continues to this day. sometimes i forget, sometimes hugo interrupts. either way, one side ends up rather "european"

i think that may be enough... i'll save some more confessions and some dignity for another post.