Thursday, April 25, 2013

cough cough its dusty in here!

life has been busy, gotten in the way of all the things i do in my down time. the past couple months all i can say is "what down time?"

hoping now that the bulk of my crazy busy time is over until fall/winter that i'll be able to keep up on here.

so what's happened?
i'm going to do a few separate photo posts for to avoid having the hugest longest post ever here.

the main overview:

  • Make It! HUGE success! i sold out of all but 5 dinos. amazing. if i'd have expected that kind of response i would have had more ready!
  • HUGO! 18 Months!! will get his own post. but definitely makes the list
  • family gatherings.... seems like there has been a lot. between easter, fernando's birthday and just regular visits it got a bit crazy. at least for me.
  • i have the most massive "to do" list. EVER.
  • its spring! kinda. well at least until sunday. then i think its supposed to be winter for a couple more days, then back to spring.
  • i have my own nails. first time since 2000 since i haven't had gel nails. SOB! i miss them but in order to make myself feel pampered i got my tonails painted on monday.

i think thats it.
i'll be posting more the next little while to get caught up!

but here are a few photos in the mean time

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