Wednesday, August 28, 2013

hard to believe...

I can't believe August is almost over.

where did the summer go??!

so many things on the summer "to do" list still waiting to be done.

seriously, WHERE DID IT GO??

we had what seemed like a few good summer days, but a somewhat dreary summer overall. or those lovely days that start out nasty and you plan around the gross weather and then as soon as its too late to change plans the day becomes gorgeous. or the other way around and you plan out a fun day and half an hour before the fun starts it clouds over and starts pouring.  those days i'm definitely not a big fan of either.

i'm hoping to still make some progress on the things to do list but some of the stuff is just not going to be happening. like no way jose.

oh well I guess.
not much can be done about it now.

on to the fall to do list I guess.

here are a few of the things coming up on the list...

get my etsy store back up and running. the first 2 years of hugo's life took a big toll on my online selling. hoping to resolve that in time for fall/winter shopping!

figure out a few craft sales to focus on for fall/winter/Christmas and get ready. in advance. I won't be doing Make It this year and i'm sad, but it just wasn't in the books this year. the cheque book mostly. i'll miss it, but maybe i'll be able to swing it next year. just will have to see how it plays out.

get ready for Christmas. yes. Christmas. I want to be ready by December 1st this year because the past two years I didn't get ready in advance and I hated all the last minute scrambling and stress. I used to always be ready at least a month early and i'm hoping that can happen again.

get some much needed purging/reorganizing/cleaning done around the house. I've been working on this all summer bit by bit, but my goal is to get most of it done by hugo's birthday. that gives me a month and a half-ish. its hard finding time, but I am getting better at MAKING time. it needs to be done and it is going to be done! nobody warns you just how much STUFF you end up with when you have a baby/child. I had no idea. and with all of that STUFF everything else becomes displaced... in the end (at least for us) CHAOS.

and since this is a long no pictures post I think I will cut it short here.

the end.

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