Tuesday, June 3, 2014

he did it!

hugo pretty much potty trained himself.

he asked one day to go peepee on the big toilet and that was pretty much that.

i had planned to attempt potty training a bit further into the summer but he decided it was time and after watching friends struggle with potty training i had been dreading it.
at 2.5 he decided it was time.

some people were starting to question why he wasn't trained yet... i can't imagine trying to forcibly potty train like so many people seem to.
and i think 2.5 is a decent age! its not like he's starting school or anything!

he has had some dry nights but i don't plan to push him to be night trained immediately. he's only just figured out days!

have to say i'm super proud of him!

also going to admit i cried a little packing up the last of his diapers. i'll miss the fluffy bum...
they also helped his pants stay up... so anyone see any awesome toddler belts lately?? ha

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Sonya said...

Awwwww, yay! What a smart guy!