Monday, November 10, 2014

Damn - a first world problem

since my sad decision to no longer have pretty gel nails it has taken ages to be happy with my natural nails.
finally i accept them for what they are... and realize they will not be pretty and perfect at all times...

but this

this drives me CRAZY.
they are all nice and even and one dumb move bashing into something the wrong way and BAM.
broken nail.
i can't leave it like this, so that means all the nails get cut off.... and that makes me want to cry a little.

broken nails upset me.

i can no longer call up my super awesome nail guy (who i really miss btw) and just get my broken nail fixed. 

my nails actually grow quite fast so it could be worse... but it KILLS me to cut off all my nails because one stupid nail had to break.

this is a first world problem... i know. 

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