Tuesday, January 6, 2015

new year.... new goals.

i don't think i really like the idea of new years resolutions.

it doesn't seem right.

i'm making goals.

nothing so grand as to deserve the title of resolution.

i had a resolution last year.
knitting a pair of mittens.
deserved the title.

i had battled my knitting needles for years trying to make a passable pair of mittens.



will i start making tons of mittens.... NO. likely not.

so back to the real reason of this post.


what am i going to do?
what do i want to do?

  • first goal is to read a "real" book every month.

i have been really bad for reading nonsense fluff books since hugo was born.
really bad.
i don't get the time to read that i used to and i find it difficult to read a book that makes me think when i only get a few minutes here or there to pick it up.

i started my goal off with a bang.

i ran out of library books and actually started reading Life of Pi.

and finished it.

more on that in another post.
part two of this goal is to hold myself accountable by blogging the books i read.

  • second goal is to learn how to knit cables.

  • third goal is to start selling online again. etsy? not sure.... made urban? want to try. 
i haven't focused on my online sales since hugo was born. i'm hoping to find a bit of balance and somehow get that back up and running.

Fingers crossed!

what are your goals for 2015?

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