Tuesday, November 15, 2011

happy 1 month hugo!!

hard to believe that hugo is one month old today.
part of me feels like he's always been here and part of my life but then part of me is like holy crap its already been a month?!?

so many things have happened in the first month of Hugo's life.
first with quite a rocky start,
then things were going great...
then a setback... breastfeeding was not enough for my little monkey and he wasn't gaining any weight
i started supplementing with formula as per doctor's orders and by the second bottle i had the happiest most content baby.
then the guilt of knowing that for 2 weeks i had a fussy and unhappy hugo only because i wasn't feeding him enough...
then boob strike.
he completely refused to nurse. literally would scream like i was boiling him in hot oil if i put him near my boob.
now he's coming round to the boob... but literally... just one. its a start.
he's drinking about half the formula he was a couple days ago and nursing every feeding for at least 15 minutes happily.
this was a HUGE relief to me.
i was starting to get really discouraged as i wanted to breastfeed exclusively... now i'm back to half and half at least and working my way to get back hopefully to exclusively breastfeeding.
fingers crossed!

things i've learned about hugo in this first month:

HATES baths
hates being naked
loves snuggles
can almost roll over onto his tummy already
likes having music playing
loves being swaddled

thats all for now...


The Tompkins Family said...

He sounds perfect! And I love his stretch!

dfost said...

oh he's precious!

I had a hard time with the nursing thing too, just ask Tash.. I wish you better luck then we had!