Sunday, November 20, 2011

Success! x2

Hugo survived his first craft sale! and we started BIG... 4 days at the Kingsway Aviation Hangar for Make It!

great sale, lots of visitors, and lots of help from my parents who spent 3 of the 4 days with me helping out so i could get some work done... well ok, they just came so they could snuggle Hugo, but in doing so they made it possible for me to be there. without their help i don't think i would have been able to be there for the whole weekend without losing my mind!
it was a super busy sale with record breaking attendance.... people were actually lined up outside waiting for up to half an hour on saturday throughout the day.
lots of toques and scarves found new homes on the first cold and blustery weekend of the winter.

Hugo was amazingly cooperative and is already turning out to be quite the lady killer. he definitely helped draw people to my booth... even though he refused to stop squirming out of his toques... i'll let him get away with it. he's too cute for me to be anything but ok with it.

another great update -
Hugo had not gained enough weight at his last check up... i had to start supplementing him with formula to try and get his calorie intake up and make sure he was growing like he should be. i was worried about this. he was pretty small to start with so the doctor was watching him pretty closely to make sure everything was ok so when he didn't gain as much weight as he should have i had to take him back in a week (this past thursday) and make sure that he had gained some weight so if he hadn't he could get a referral to a specialist so we could figure out why.
well, looks like he was just a late bloomer.
he gained over a pound in one week. he went from 5 lbs 2oz to 6 lbs 3.5oz

time to relax and unwind after a busy weekend...


Hilda said...

yay! good job growing Hugo! and congrats on a great Make It! Sale

dfost said...

yay for growing babies!

Hadley was a small one, too, who had issues gaining but once she took off she never looked back and now she's the cutest chubby baby, ever!