Tuesday, May 15, 2012

happy 7 months hugo!

i can't believe hugo is 7 months old!
yes, i probably say that every month about whatever his current age is... and yes, i will probably continue to do this.
time is FLYING!

hugo is eating 2-3 "meals" a day now. his favorites are still sweet potatoes. he also loves bananas now. when he first tried them he wanted nothing to do with them and looked at me like i was crazy. he's like his mommy though... the bananas have to be ripe enough. no green allowed and some brown spots are preferable.
hugo still hates baths. screaming every time. he is generally a really happy baby so this is sad to me. i don't know why he hates them so much. showers on the other hand he absolutely loves. smiles and laughing every time.
we are going swimming tomorrow for the first time tomorrow so i guess i'll be finding out in a hurry if he likes that any better.

here are a few pictures of me attempting to get his 7 month photo...
that piece of paper didn't stand a chance!

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