Monday, April 30, 2012

what to do, what to do...

i'm finding myself thinking about summer... about the fun things we will be able to do with hugo... things that i might not have done if it was just me but now that i have hugo to use as an excuse, lets go!

some of the things i am looking forward to...

  • impromptu "picnics" (just pack up and go with a blanket and some snacks and spend some time sitting in a park or somewhere pretty... JUST BECAUSE!)
  • going swimming (i bought hugo a swim diaper so we are set! just need to pick a day and a pool and go!)
  • going to playgrounds. i know he's a bit small for this still, but as soon as i figure out a playground that has swings with bucket seats we will become regulars.
  • going for walks. with the stroller and the dogs i think it will be lovely!
  • go to a spray park... just to see what hugo thinks of it.
  • going to the muttart conservatory... i have been waiting to do this until hugo was a bit older but i think that now he'll maybe actually enjoy it a bit so pyramids look out!
and probably 20 other things that i'll think of as the summer gets closer, but i want this to be a fun summer because it's hugos first summer and i want it to be the best summer ever!!

what do you like to do in the summer?


The Tompkins Family said...

Sounds awesome!

We like to find new parks we've never been to before, go to the spray park, throw rocks in the river, have picnics, draw with chalk and run through the sprinkler.

Magpie Quilts said...

The zoo is an awesome place to spend time with kids - get the season's pass and then you'll have free parking and a guest pass to bring a friend.