Friday, June 15, 2012

happy 8 months hugo!

8 months!
holy crap.

has 8 months really gone by?


a few new things in the world of hugo...

hugo LOVES being outside. LOVES.
 he absolutely loves his DADDY too! (this line is courtesy of daddy)

hugo has decided that bedtime is not satisfactory and has fought sleep the last little while.
he puts up a good fight.

hugo loves sweet potatoes, has gotten tired of avocados, not a huge fan of carrots, hates green beans, loves peas, loves asparagus, loves chicken, not a huge fan of fish, loves feeding himself watermelon and cantelope.

he makes the most adorable baby wookie noise and it completely melts my heart (and daddy`s too)
started shaking his head ``NO``
hugo makes mama, dada, and other random noises... but so far i think its just random babbling and he doesn`t associate any meaning to them.

hugo loves playing with chico (our siamese) and almost every morning spends a good half hour straight mauling him. chico comes and cuddles up to hugo`s feet while i`m nursing him.

it amazes me how much he`s grown and changed already. i can`t believe that this time last year he was known as the sea monkey.


The Tompkins Family said...

The pictures make me smile. I love you guys!!

And where did you get such a cute chair/umbrella combo??

kabukikreations said...

the chair set is from walmart :) my parents bought it for him and luciano to hang out in.