Thursday, June 14, 2012

the cloth diaper debate...

i for the most part cloth diaper hugo.

he still wears a disposable at night because i'm not about to start messing with what works... especially when it could potentially mess with his sleep.
i am so glad i decided to give it another chance after problems at the beginning with him being too small for the diapers.
i LOVE how adorable the cloth diapers are and it is amazing how much money i save just from not buying box after box of disposable diapers.

i'm actually a little sad when i pick him up in a disposable diaper and his bum is just so teeny tiny. and the bigger bum means that he can wear bigger pants so they're not as short on him. in disposables he still has to wear 0-3 month pants so they are waaaaay too short. its summer at least... capris? right?

another awesome thing about cloth diapers? did i mention... they are so flippin cute!
i think i will have to dedicate a foto friday to cloth diapers.


The Tompkins Family said...

There is nothing cuter than a big, fluffy cloth diaper bum! You definitely need to do a picture post on this, you have the cutest prints for him!

Lesley said...

I agree. We mostly use cloth too with Gavin and its saved us HUGE. I've stuck with disposables at night time and when we are out for the whole day but it does affect what size of clothes he wears (some of Gavin's pants are still size 6 months when he's in disposables - and he's nearly a year now)