Tuesday, July 10, 2012

heat wave!

i have to say that this weather could simmer down now ANYTIME! i have always loved tempuratures in the 30s... not so much any more. even when i was pregnant with hugo i donned a sundress and soaked it up.
now i have a baby who is a little furnace just like his daddy. he does not enjoy this weather much AT ALL!
the one thing hugo loves about the warm weather is pool time

i think daddy might have loved it just as much...

another thing that i can't believe.... i went and bought an air conditioner for the upstairs today. i never wanted one, but with hugo just cooking all the time i decided that even though i was perfectly happy without it, i needed to get one to keep him comfortable. now i will be bundling up for bed i guess.
as long as my boys are happy.

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