Wednesday, August 15, 2012

happy 10 months hugo!!

it is so hard to believe that 10 months has already passed!

this time last year i was still brewing a sea monkey!

sea monkey no more!

hugo is becoming such a crazy little character... everyday more and more of his little personality shines.

holding the sign was out of the question...

some of hugo's favorite things...
chasing the cats
puppy kisses
trying to get into the dogs water dish
trying to escape diaper changes
standing in his crib
pulling all his toys out and then not playing with them
smearing yogurt all over his high chair tray
fruit freezies
tv remotes. he has a collection.

other exciting news...
hugo can scoot around like a pro! he seems to have decided crawling the traditional way is not cool and instead scoots on one knee and one foot.
proud owner of 2 teeth! finally about a week ago he got his first and number 2 showed up sunday.
has figured out the stairs. he can only make it up a couple but its only a matter of time i'm sure!

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