Wednesday, September 12, 2012

its a little dusty in here...


i have completely let this blog slide.
after some contemplation i have decided that i need this outlet. i am home without adult interaction most days and this is where i go to vent, announce, ramble... kind of a catch all.

since my last post not too much has changed, same old same old for the most part. i have been crocheting in any spare moment i can sneak in, working from home a bit, cooking and baking when i can fit it in, and mostly enjoying every minute with hugo. well almost every minute. teething is not the most fun for either of us.
so far no more teeth after the first 2 made their appearance but i think based on captain cranky pants the past couple days more are on their way.

some of my daily battles...

keeping tabs on a more and more mobile little monkey.

keeping cheerios away from draco. pug + cheerios = cone of shame (he's alergic to wheat/grain and gets all itchy from it. currently rocking the taped together, seen better days cone. i have not been winning this battle.

keeping hugo from putting toys in the cone.

keeping hugo from having a bath in the dog's water dish.

making sure there is nothing mouth sized on the floor that appears edible to an almost 11 month old. if it was edible the dogs would get it but he's not so choosy.

eating. i find myself eating at the most random times throughout the day. and the most random things. i always eat a solid breakfast and a solid dinner after hugo's gone to bed but in between is a crap shoot.

planning for upcoming craft sales... new items mean figuring out a new display. not that i had an awesome display to start with, but i need to get on this now rather than leaving it to the last minute.

protecting the chico. he is the cuddliest cat ever but hugo outweighs him now and i don't want anyone getting hurt.

trying to keep some sort of adult interaction up... even if it is mostly online.

pick up toys, pick up toys, pick up more toys... never ending.

managing to do all of that keeps me running! i will be totally honest... it doesn't all happen every day as much as i would like it to. i've learned that there is not much i can do about it. not if i don't want to lose my mind

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