Tuesday, September 18, 2012

happy 11 months hugo! better late than never.

so i'm a few days late.... oops.
its not that i haven't thought about posting... life just got in the way! plus i needed to upload the pictures.

it is getting harder and harder to get pictures of him with a piece of paper!

some new things for hugo...
still no new teeth.
waves hello and bye
shakes his head no with big time oomph.
still won't nap in his crib
loves playing drums on pots and pans with a spatula
gives the biggest meanest stink eye to people he's not happy with
loves petting the cats and dogs
is going to start to wear pants that are long enough... 3-6 month pants will not cut it once its colder out. looks like he's going to need some cute belts or he's never going to be able to keep his pants up!

i can't believe that in less than a month my baby will be a year old! INSANITY! a year went by so fast!


Lesley said...

You are not alone on the pants issue... Gavin is 14 months old and still sometimes wears his 6 month old pants. I think every mom I know has the same problem. Leaves me wondering why the clothing industry hasn't picked up on this issue?!? Belts it is.
ps. Hugo is such a cutie!!

The Tompkins Family said...

So cute! Happy 11!