Friday, March 13, 2015

Bringing Kobe's blanket back to life. Finally

i did this a while ago but forgot to post it...

this was kobe's favorite blanket. it was the first bigger blanket i actually ever completed and it was almost immediately claimed by my little princess. for years it resided in her favorite basket chair and it was falling apart because i had no idea how to assemble a blanket and was told by someone to use regular sewing thread so it wouldn't show. bad idea. the threads were breaking all over the blanket and there were gaping holes everywhere. it was such a mess because it was covered in cat hair and once she was gone i just couldn't deal with it any more and stuffed it in a bag. i finally dug it out and spent an evening restitching the blanket and popped it in the wash.
its not perfect, its not super beautiful, but i was SO happy to snuggle under it on the couch once i took it out of the dryer. and chico approves too :)
so glad i finally resurrected this cozy comfy blanket.

chico kept me company on the blanket the whole time i was fixing it. must have still smelled like his buddy.

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