Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winners... Not so winning!

don't get me wrong....
i LOVE winners.
the feeling of finding something awesome is pretty hard to beat when it comes to shopping here...
but its a gamble.
sometimes you win...
sometimes, NOT SO MUCH!

maybe you love these things... but for the most part i am blown away at how all the fashion mistakes of the past are rearing their ugly heads.

first.... the one piece um.... romper? is that what you call this?
i do not know who can really wear this and it be flattering. its like a big sacky pair of overalls.
and FYI, do not attempt this unless you are short. i tried this on and could not even stand up because it was too short and as much as some may defend this outfit (clearly people like them because they're buying them) camel toe looks good on NOBODY!

these.... at first i saw them and was like "hey these are cute" and i love crazy patterns... but then i actually picked them up. they are like a crotch poncho! they were a weird synthetic woven material that seriously could not possibly be comfortable if its actually warm enough to wear shorts!

the jantie.
seriously? these were panties made out of denim. there is no inseam.
i don't think these could be worn without lady bits sneaking out! sad. i loved the material!

this.... a maxi dress? i think not.
its like a bad nightgown dressed up with a collar.... and i don't think even a belt could save it. i'm all for sacky dresses cinched with a belt... but this just sends me right back to aproximately 1995 and not in a good way!

pajama jeans to the next level.
i've been seeing this style popping up all over the place but i've yet to see anyone wearing them let alone making them look good. essentially these are pricey 80's/90's sweatpants trying to be real pants.
maybe without the elastic at the bottoms i'd be able to take them seriously... but really? why elastic ankles??
and this monstrosity.
and this monstrosity....
looks like kind of a 80's pattern skirt.... NOPE.
this is shorts.
made out of silky 80's fabric that i'm betting would be ridiculously staticky once you took about 3 steps. i came to that conclusion after pulling it out of the rack made it stick to the clothes behind it.
where does one wear a skort?
why would one even want to wear a skort?
sometimes the best of both worlds ideas are just really bad ideas... this seems like its falling bigtime into that category.
pick ONE.
or a skirt.
not both combined into something like this monstrosity.

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