Thursday, April 21, 2011

faux friday!!!

i love long weekends. even though it is always super stressful to get ready for a long weekend and having one less work day never seems to mean one less day of work to do... the satisfaction of knowing all day friday that you could be at work and you're NOT... is totally worth it!
i have no special plans for the long wekeend but the usual plans for a busy weekend. friday i will try and catch up on things that have gotten away from me at the house. a small start to spring cleaning. saturday i have tap competition late afternoon then dinner plans with friends. sunday is easter dinner at my parent's house and i'm looking forward to turkey and stuffing. and lots of left overs! at this point i'm not totally sure if i'll have to work on monday. my fingers are crossed for no work. monday will be my relax day.

happy long weekend everyone!

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