Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy 4 months hugo!

4 months already!
hard to believe that its already been that long.

4 months ago you were hangin out in my belly. CRAZY!

some of hugo's favorite things...

  • wrestling his puppets
  • rolling onto his side and grabbing things
  • his exersaucer
  • naps in the mamaroo
  • playing peekaboo
  • getting a foot rub with lotion
  • spinning around and "flying" makes him smile and giggle
  • when daddy turns into "fezz-bot" and makes robot noises
  • massages behind his ears
  • car rides
  • showers
one of my favorite things is when he giggles.
it is heart melting.

he has stopped taking a bottle which makes things a bit tricky since he is being supplemented with formula at most feeds, but considering the battle i had with him getting him to breastfeed at all this is a huge accomplishment and as much as it can be a hassle when we go out, it is a hassle i'll gladly deal with.

its amazing watching him grow and change...
seems like something new happens every day!

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junquete said...

awe he's just adorable! And four mths already? wow