Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i've been busy...

between hugo and all the normal stuff i do every day... last week (and this week ) was/will be hectic!

last week:
i worked two half days in the office,
got my etsy shop up and running after a hugo induced hiatus
decorated my aquarium
started and made good progress on a photo prop order for a local photographer
managed to send several monsters on their way to new homes all over canada.

this week
i have an appointment at the bank to set up a bank account for hugo,
mailing more monsters to new homes
hair cut tomorrow,
play date on thursday morning, IL's visiting in the afternoon,
hopefully some baking somewhere in there...
and more listings to go up on etsy!
i have a ton of toques to get listed that are just sitting here in their suitcase. they need new homes!

you can see what is up so far here... in my etsy shop

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