Thursday, March 15, 2012

happy 5 months hugo!

i'm so innocent...

but i'm up to some mischief...
what? i'm not supposed to scrunch it??

but its so fun!

yup, totally innocent.

this is the cake grandma and grandpa llanes got me... too bad mommy took it away!
i'm fast, but she's faster!

now she doesn't trust me. i have to just look at it.

a few hugo facts...

  • i do not like napping. but i sleep through the night so that makes up for it and mommy doesn't mind.
  • i tried quinoa and i like it!
  • i tried bananas... not a big fan.
  • i like pulling hair
  • i like petting chico
  • i can sit up unassisted for little bits... my record so far is just under a minute before i tip over.
  • i like when people pretend to eat my stomach... it makes me giggle
  • i sleep in my crib like a champ and like to wake up facing the opposite direction i go to sleep in
  • i'm wearing 0-3 month clothes mostly still even though they're kinda too short for me because if mommy puts me in 3-6 month outfits i manage to get my arms out the neck hole. so i'm ready for a flood most days. good thing i have some tall socks.

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Tina Marie said...

He is so cute. I can't believe how time flies.