Tuesday, March 6, 2012


as a first time mom i think everything is a milestone...
but i think this was a legit one.

hugo slept in his crib for the first time ever last night!

he looked so teeny tiny in the big crib compared to how cozy he looked in the bassinet.
i would have taken a picture but it was dark in his room and i thought it would be a pretty bad idea to use a flash to immortalize the moment.

he woke me up this morning with happy talking and as soon as i heard that i was up and in his room in record time. he saw me and gave me the biggest smiles!

apparently he likes his crib.

that is great... but hard for me!

i had never slept without him in the same room as me since he was born. i laid in bed and cried a bit... but then told myself that he was obviously comfy and happy in his crib or he would have woken up.

i loved having him in the bassinet next to the bed but i guess its time for him to be in his room now.
i can't believe how big he has gotten already... when we brought him home he was so tiny in the bassinet... now he has almost outgrown it.

we had extra cuddles this morning to make up for him being in his room :)

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