Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 reasons being a mom is amazing

this is a post i cannot even believe i am posting.
if you had asked me a year ago what made being a mom so special i would have answered very differently.

and just for the record, there are waaaaay more than 10 amazing things, but a list of just ten is a nice read for reading.

in no particular order...

  1. seeing hugo experiencing things for the first time ever.
  2. the unconditional love hugo has for me. if someone else is holding him and he gets upset i can take him back and immediately his world is perfect again.
  3. the little sighs he makes when he is sleeping.
  4. how excited he gets when he realizes that his actions cause something to happen. every time he plays with something he discovers something new. latest discovery is that if he puts his hand on the aquarium the biggest fish comes right up to the glass and interacts with him.
  5. when hugo snuggles in for a milk induced nap in my arms.
  6. breastfeeding. as much of a struggle as it has been, there is really nothing better.
  7. hugo smiles. especially waking up to hugo smiles every morning.
  8. hugo giggles. babies have the cutest giggles EVER. they sound ridiculous but they have no idea and it is precious.
  9. watching hugo play with something that isn't even a toy. right now he loves water bottles from costco. he loves the damn things. he reaches for them more than any toy he has. once he gets it he just wants to hug it.
  10. hugo pets the cats. mostly just chico because he is the only one that isn't scared of getting his hair pulled... he wants attention no matter what. we sit and watch the fish and chico sits right beside us so hugo can pet the cat with one hand and chase the fish with his other.