Monday, May 26, 2014

me monday... nails

i had gel nails for 13 years straight.
i had them taken off about a year ago and i STILL miss them.
they were my one frivolous me thing.

i have considered getting them put on again but i just don't have the time/money to maintain them to the level of my liking.
since hugo was born my nails grow stupid fast.
i was having to get them done every two weeks to keep them nice and maybe could stretch it to every three weeks... even during pregnancy when my nails were growing what i thought was crazy fast i still could easily go a month between appointments.

i miss them, i loved how they looked... i especially loved how i could use them as my own little version of a swiss army knife.... sorry nail guy i know you hated when i used them to fix stuff...

maybe one day i will get them again but for now i'll stick with au naturel i suppose.
even if it is somewhat grudgingly.

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