Saturday, May 24, 2014

summer bucket list 2014

i'm pretty sure we just skipped spring this year and went straight to summer.
ok by me.

this summer i think will be a blast.
hugo is so fun now!

some of the things we'd really like to do this year now that he's old enough to really enjoy what summer has to offer....

  • trip to drumheller - he loves dinosaurs and i think will be blown away by the museum and just the adventure in general
  • a night in the tent
  • if that goes well then a night actually camping somewhere
  • a sleepover with grandma and grandpa at the farm (first with me just to see what he does and if that goes well mommy and daddy get a night to themselves for the first time since hugo was born... FINGERS CROSSED!)
  • lots of train rides (aka high level street car) because hugo loves the train ride and also its a fun family outing
  • spray parks and more spray parks. hoping to visit at least 5 different ones this summer now that he's big enough to really enjoy them. he just started loving them the end of summer last year but this summer i think he'll go nuts!
  • discover new playgrounds
  • road trip to calgary to visit the zoo and also calaway park
  • visit fort edmonton park again. we went last summer and he loved it but i think he will love it even more this year!
that is all i'll put on this list for now but i'm sure we will be adding to it as we find more fun and awesome stuff to do!

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