Saturday, May 31, 2014

So... I'm sewing again...

so super crappy photos... but, my assistant is oh so helpful and getting a pair of shorts to stay still for long enough to take a decent picture is apparently not going to happen. by the time he's in bed the light is no good for pictures.... so crappy photos it is!

but anyhoo,
i busted out my sewing machine this week and so far its been 3 days and 3 pairs of shorts!
wooohoooo go me!

why am i doing this?

A) hugo is a string bean. he is going to be 3 in october and still wears 6-12 month pants as shorts.  the shorts that fit him are super short and look ridiculous. so these are comfy and fun and perfect for a rough and tumble little boy!

B) i'm practicing for when fall comes and he can't wear his little pants as shorts and needs actual pants.

C) they're stinking cute! (or at least i think they are)

D) its an awesome way to give life to fernando's old band shirts that he's worn to the point of being swiss cheese. how a guy rips the armpits and sleeves of so many shirts i will never understand. but some of the shirts were his favorites and destined to the garbage but now they've go a whole new lease on life and hugo gets to wear daddy's favorites :)

E) for the most part since they are made out of old shirts.... FREE! i love that hugo's getting cute clothes at practically no cost. 

here are the first three days work... 

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Sonya said...

Holy crap, I love these. I need to do the same with my SO's shirts (same armpit/sleeve problem!)

Great job, they look fantastic!