Wednesday, April 16, 2014

its almost time.... and a shameless plug.

hey everyone!

remember kabukikreations?
i'm still doing that stuff... just not as many local sales as i used to due to my lovely assistant (hugo) and a slightly hectic schedule.
i'm still taking custom orders though so if you're looking for something just let me know.

back to what i was really posting about...

i have planned a giveaway for my page fans once i hit 450 likes

right now it's sitting at 435

getting closer!

the giveaway prize will be a lovely lap blanket.
and just because i want the winner to LOVE it...
you will get to choose the colors!
fun, right?

so if you haven't liked my page yet... go right now and you might be the lucky winner!
invite your friends too! the more the merrier :)

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