Tuesday, April 29, 2014

tasty tuesday.... well not really but it is kind of food related

I think my sweet tooth is broken.

hugo broke it.

ever since I got pregnant I had the weirdest healthy cravings for vegetables. dark green vegetables. preferably grilled.
how was that fair.
other pregnant women were craving cake and goodies...
not me.

I thought that it would go back to normal after he was evicted from his womb... ha


he is 2.5
I miss the occasional binge on chocolate or something ridiculously sweet and gooey.

I somehow think this is my new normal.

thank god I still like savory snacks or I think my late night munching would be ruined.

every now and then I try and get into something sweet...
I have a bit and am done.
so not the old me.

I think this is probably not the worst thing in the world, but it is just so weird.
I have lost a lot of my favorite comfort foods! I need to find new ones.

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