Saturday, April 26, 2014

spring things....

i am not entirely certain that it will not snow again, but i'm trying to be optimistic and not think about it.

spring brings a "to do" list a MILE long

i sat down and started to make that list yesterday.


how am i going to actually accomplish all of these things??

well i'm not sure but i think there are at least 10 painting projects on the list so that should be an interesting and potentially super messy experience with my junior assistant.
there will likely be photos to document these shenannigans starting to show up here shortly.

crazy amount of raking... if the grass is ever dry again...
if it would just stop raining and snowing for more than a day at a time that would be LOVELY.

raspberry pruning.... DEAR LORD. they're escaping their bed and popping up everywhere. i'm pretty sure my neighbors have raspberries now.

those are just a few of the things i'm hoping to accomplish in the next little while... the list is WAAAAAY too long to post the whole thing.

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