Tuesday, April 15, 2014

just a thought...

I find that there is a pretty large double standard when it comes to fat vs skinny.

would you walk up to someone you haven't seen for a while and blurt out

"OMG you've gotten so fat... what happened?"

probably not.
well maybe if you're a big jerk.
but most people would not be so bold.
you know you're thinking it... but that is with the "inside voice"
saying it to their face?
that is generally frowned upon.

why is it ok to do the exact same thing to someone who is skinny?

I don't get out a lot.
I am home with hugo most nights so there are a lot of people that I haven't seen a lot the past couple years.

I randomly run into people here and there.
first thing out of their mouths more often than not....
"OMG you've gotten skinny.... what happened?"
followed by...
OMG your hair is so long.

literally word for word.

the bitch in me longs to say "thank you. I didn't notice"
generally I refrain. occasionally I have replied in that fashion... oops

come on.
if I had gained weight nobody would say anything...
why does a person's weight/size have to be the first thing you notice??

I generally want to know how things have been for a person I haven't seen for a while... not what size pants they're wearing.

am I crazy for this?

does anyone else have this happen to them?

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