Wednesday, September 24, 2014

i'm ready. almost

i LOVE summer
more than anyone i think.

i know it can't last forever so i have to come to terms with the fact that it is going to be fall soon... and i will be cold for at least the next 6 months.

so in order to be prepared for this refrigerator called the great outdoors i have been crocheting hooking... hehehe.... like a crazy person and one of my favorite cozy accessories is boot cuffs.
i cannot for the life of me find boots that fit so i pretty much am guaranteed drafts and snow drifts go right into the tops of my boots. blegh.

these handy dandy little leg cozies fix that problem and keep my legs nice and roasty toasty.
perfect with dressier boots, amazing with my cowboy boots.... i am having a hard time parting with some of them but this mama only has so much time to build stock for the upcoming market/craft sale season so i'm going to have to use some self control and keep just a couple for now.

and just because i want to i am going to offer up a made to order pair of these lovelies...
anyone who comments on this blog post with their leg measurement will be entered to win a pair!

good luck!!


The Tompkins Family said...


Patricia Chartier said...

Me but I don't know my leg measurement... Large?

Sara said...

Um, incredibly small? Chicken legs over here... can I measure later? ��

Corio said...


Nichole Berezowski said...

Super cute! Every fall, I attempt to further my crochet skills, but they are nothing like yours, that's for sure!
Would love to win!

My kegs(calves) are 12".

Chelsea M said...

Love these! I can't find my tape measure because my kids keep running away with them! I will try to measure later!

Christine Jontz-Barbour said...

Me please! Will measure after I hunt down my tape.