Thursday, September 11, 2014

purge purge purge!

i filled the entire backseat of my car with things to donate to the hope mission and the reuse center....
felt really good getting rid of it and since it was all stuff that has just been floating around taking up precious space it really needed to go.

plus if someone can use it then why not let someone else enjoy it!
since i see them peeking out i thought i would bring it to attentions that i'm pretty sure i will never have any need for size 11 red snake skin pants. if they fit... YES.... i would probably rock them... but my craftiness has its limitations... i wasn't even going to try tackling that alteration. some pants are next to impossible to easily make smaller. if i really want snake skin pants maybe i will have to find myself some comfy snake skin leggings.

also now that fernando has quit drinking (he's doing amazingly with it so far!) i was finally able to get rid of all those silly promo beer cooler bags that he'd stashed in the basement! there were a bunch of them and usually he'd want to keep them.... NO MORE!

lots more to go through and get the rest organized but this was a big haul and i've already got another bag of crafty bits that i will likely never use ready to go to the Reuse Center in the trunk 

if any of you edmonton peeps haven't been to the Reuse Center in its new awesome location you should check it out!

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