Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tricycle Fail

this is the sort of thing i have nightmares about... but also as a super accident prone person, fully expect because that is just the scales evening out.
ps. sorry mom and dad because i know i put you through shit like this A LOT.

so long story short...
this is what happens when the big boy tricycle gets used and daddy doesn't want to run to keep up... uneven ground and bam, faceplant.
i'm super grateful that its just a tiny chip and nothing major. he actually survived fairly unscathed considering how bad this could have ended.
and for the record that is half chewed oatmeal on his lip. or some lovely part of the oatmeal cookie i used as bribery so i could take this picture.

now my solution to this is attaching a leash to the bike and tying it to fernando so he HAS to keep up.

think he will love my genius plan.

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