Wednesday, September 3, 2014

it's that time....

it may only be the beginning of september but HOLY HELL it is cold in the mornings!
maybe i'm a wimp about it but i would like to go on record that i did not once complain about the heat (oh lovely heat) in the summer so i feel like it is totally acceptable to complain bitterly about being cold.
one or the other people. one or the other
if complain about it being too hot in the summer incessantly then you'd better not whine about the cold in the winter... at least not around me if you don't want me opening my big yap to tell you to stop your moaning.

i digress...

this lovely is already sold and in its new home but these cowls..... I LOVE THEM!
nothing makes me happier than random pops of color and geometric patterns.

my first market of the year will be September 27th for the first Mercer Collective of the season which is also an etsy event. FUN!

i'll post details soon about that....
but for now.... that is all.

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