Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kitting vs crochet.

I could probably crochet in my sleep. Seriously. I love to crochet but sometimes I just can't get the look I want with crochet.
Knitting. A thorn in my side. I love the look of knitting. Love.
Knitting does not love me. I am the slowest most confused knitter. I'm trying. Again.
I think people are either good at crochet OR knitting. Not both. I am definitely a crocheter by nature. I learned both at the same time from my grandma (thank you for that grandma... So glad you passed that on to me. I see it as a gift that keeps giving) but was never very good at knitting and just took to crocheting like a fish to water.
Why? Who knows.
Will I keep trying? You bet. I don't like to admit defeat!

Here is my latest attempt. And one of the few finished knitting projects I've ever done.

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