Friday, January 18, 2013

Things that collect dust.

Ever discover that there are things you NEED to have then once you have them you rarely if ever use them?

I have a few.

1. The juicer. Novelty wore off pretty fast. I don't even love juice. I'm keeping it incase Hugo is a fan of juice. I'd rather make it for him than buy it. That way I at least know what he's drinking.

2. Cake pop maker. What was I thinking? I keep saying that I need to at least try it but to be honest I just don't have time.
This was a great idea pre baby. Now I don't get hours to spend making and decorating pretty frivolous cake pops. Maybe one day.

3. Bread maker. I swear the thing hates me. Everyone tells me how easy and idiot proof it is... Not so much. Every now and then I get all motivated and try again. Never works. I feel like I can't let it win. I will one day conquer that thing! Then toss it out in the back yard and beat it to death office space style. Well. Maybe I won't actually do that but I really want to. What would the Neighbors think? Ha

4. Dresses. Not the casual ones, but the dress up kind. I tell myself that one day I'll get to dress up again. Right?
For now I'll just be honest... Dressing up is when I wear real pants instead of leggings and a real bra.

5. My sewing machine and serger. Seriously. Can each day have a few more hours added to it?! Pretty please?

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The Tompkins Family said...

My things that collect dust get donated! Which I know just shocks you!