Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

we all have them... what are yours?

here are my top 5

#1 Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson
i will be watching Wrestlemania this year for the first time in years. i used to watch every wrestling PPV but things changed when The Rock left and i lost interest.
he will be hosting Wrestlemania this year and just a word of warning... i'm busy that day (April 3rd). i won't answer my phone.

#2 McDonalds

i don't care how many times people tell me nasty things about McDonalds food. i like it.
i don't eat it every day, but if i'm going to have a junk food day, it is usually my first choice.

#3 Young & The Restless

if i happen to get home by 4:00 (not very often unfortunately) i will almost always set myself up in bed with a snack and watch Y&R. my grandma got me hooked at a very young age. every time i watch any soap opera i think of her.

#4 VengaBoys Greatest Hits Album

if i am in a bad mood this cd can cheer me up no matter what. i can't help myself. years of teaching aerobics to this (the seniors LOVED it) i thought i would hate it for life... it grew on me.

#5 Contemporary Romance Paperbacks

i have read almost every single contemporary romance paperback at my library branch. they are mindless and i love them. every now and then i will dust off my brain and read a real book but for the most part i read them before i go to sleep to de-stress and just zone out. for that i need something that doesn't make me think or be sad or stressed... mindless fluff is just what i need.


craftedbylindy said...

Haha, this is such a fun post!

The Tompkins Family said...

The Rock must not have gotten offered a sequel to that tooth fairy movie?!

Love this post...I'm going to steal the idea and use it sometime this month!

Jasmin said...

I also love to read mindless romance. Such a stress reliever!